Why We Created This Website and What’s In It For You

Our staff is a group of regular, married dudes that, well…love sex. Unfortunately, having a great sex life with our wives was nearly impossible. Our wives either refused to put out more than once a week or just plain sucked in bed. That’s quite common when you’ve been married for a while. After the honeymoon is over, sex either becomes a chore or a foreign word.
So we decided that we’d had enough of our boring sex lives and set out to find women that will give us the booty we need. However, we knew that we couldn’t just go out and pick up some broads we met at a bar. That would be careless. Instead, we did some research on dating sites that cater towards the affair crowd. We read some reviews online and signed up for sites that were receiving decent reviews.

Most Online Dating Site Reviews Are Fake

This is a reality we learned the hard way. To make a long story short, we got burned big-time with a dating site we were told was reliable. Because of the phony reviews we read, we signed up for a dating site that was infested with Private Investigators. Yep, one of our staff members was outted by a Private Investigator posing as a gorgeous blond woman. That was the end of his marriage.

Because of this unfortunate incident, we decided to create this website. But first, we had to learn the proper strategies for meeting women and getting away with it. Upon exhaustive research, we found the best dating sites for married men looking to have an affair. Then we perfected our methods for avoiding our spouse’s from finding out we’ve been having an affair. We realize that most men that have an affair will get caught. We don’t want you to be a part of the majority. That’s why we created this site – so you’ll find someone to have an awesome sex life with, while keeping your marriage in tact.