The 5 Best Spots to Have Sex With Your Woman on the

You can’t sleep with your booty call at your house. Well, that is unless you have a death wish. You have to strategically plan your sexual encounters. Location, location, location! There are good places (see below) and there are bad places. Choose a bad place and you’ll either have an unpleasant experience or you will get caught. So read through my list of 5 best hookup spots and choose from this list.

1.A hotel room

The only real downside to a hotel room is the cost. But you can always find a cheap $40 motel (Motel 6, baby!). Hey, as long as the room and bed are clean, who gives a shit about the other stuff? You don’t need a microwave, 42-inch flat screen, or a room with a view. You need a bed, a shower (don’t forget to shower before you go home), and maybe a coffee maker if you want to share a cup of coffee after doing the dirty. If the expense is a problem, you can get her to split the cost with you. If that’s not possible, try one of these options…

Sex With Your Woman in hotel

Sex With Your Woman in hotel

I don’t know what it is, but I love to fuck in the backseat of a car out in the middle of a cornfield. For some reason, it’s a ton of fun and very sexy. It feels adventurous. If you’re too classy to fuck in a car like you’re still in High School, so be it. But I thoroughly enjoy it. Just make sure you’re in a private location with no risk of getting caught.

The backseat of a car  Sex With Your Woman

The backseat of a car Sex With Your Woman

3.At her house

Never allow her to come to your place. But if she’s willing to take on the risk, I say go for it. The worst thing that could happen is her husband comes home and kicks your ass. Oh well, shit happens. Every guy gets their ass kicked at some point in their life! This isn’t the ideal spot, but if she’s confident he won’t be coming home, why not?

4.At your (or her) parents house when they’re out of town

This is a bit risky if you have other siblings that may stop over. If not, there isn’t much risk. If you’re going to try this option, it’s best to go over there at night when it’s dark outside. You don’t need any nosy neighbors questioning why you brought some skank over to your folks house. I wouldn’t suggest fucking in your parents bed, however. That’s kind of creepy, unless you have an incest fetish. And if you do, you’re one sick bastard!

5.In your office (if you’re a boss or self-employed)

If you have keys to an office building, this is a great idea. Just make sure it’s late at night…after the janitor has left. Or, at least slip the janitor a $20 bill to keep his mouth shut. The reason this option works out great is because some women have fantasy to fuck a boss in his office. 

In your office

In your office

How to End an Affair Without Angering Your Partner

I’ve had to break off a relationship with my booty calls for different reasons. One of the girls became to clingy so I had to get rid of her. The sex with a recent woman I was hooking up with became boring. Another one just wasn’t available as often as I would have liked. There are plenty of other reasons a married man will get rid of his girl on the side.

Regardless of your reason for no longer wanting to continue the affair, getting rid of her isn’t as easy as you might think. You usually can’t just pick up the phone and say, “hey, I can’t sleep with you anymore, have a nice life”. This might not be acceptable to her. You’re going to have to plan it out and let her go gently. Or you could find yourself in a heap of trouble.

 No longer wanting to continue the affair

No longer wanting to continue the affair

It’s not like firing an employee…

Most firings are bitter, angry discussions. The employees walks in your office, and you tell him he sucks at his job and to get the fuck out. You can’t do that when “firing” a fling. She could become angry and then go rat on you to your wife. Plus, it’s just plain rude. No real gentleman would do that. Have a little decency. And don’t risk getting caught.

Don’t risk getting caught

Don’t risk getting caught

Gently let her go

Call her up and tell her to meet you for some drinks. Don’t break things off over the phone. That’s the bitch way to do it. Take her out for dinner or drinks. This is a good way to butter her up and put her in a good mood. Gently let her know that you have to stop seeing her for whatever reason you have. Be honest with her. There’s no need to lie, unless your reasoning is that she sucks in bed. No one wants to be told they’re a lousy fuck. In that case, come up with something else. The following is a good example of how the discussion should go…

I just want to first tell you that I’ve had an awesome time with you. The sex has been amazing and you’ve given me what I was looking for. But we need to have a discussion.”

(she’ll probably ask you if you brought her there to tell her you can have sex anymore)

The sex has been amazing

The sex has been amazing

To be honest, I just don’t feel right about this relationship. I needed something more. Something I wasn’t get from my wife. But, in the end, what I’m doing is wrong and I can’t continue this. I hope you don’t hate me. I really enjoyed our time together and I wish you nothing but the best.”
Smooth. Honest. Friendly. Perfect!

20 Important Tips to Avoid Getting Caught

There are a lot of things you must do to avoid your wife finding out about your affair. I have compiled a list of 20 tips to avoid getting caught. This may seem like a long list, but I suggest you do each of these…

1.Never act guilty – Women have a sense for knowing when their man is having an affair.

2.Always have an excuse – If she questions where you’ve been, have an excuse that doesn’t include, “out fucking some skank, what’s it to you?”

3.Get a prepaid debit card – Don’t fund the affair with a bank card. Get a prepaid card and hide it from her. And by “hide it”, I don’t mean in your wallet.

4.Don’t tell anyone – Not even your best friend. You never know when someone will turn on you. Even your closest friends should not be trusted.

5.Use online dating sites – There’s more women to choose from and it’s more discreet than meeting someone out in public.

Use online dating sites

Use online dating sites

6.Only date married women – Single women are clingy. Fuck a chick that gets attached and you’ll be the one getting fucked…but you won’t like it.

7.Don’t become attached – The woman you’re sleeping with will ditch you right away if you do. Plus, remember, you have a wife at home.

8.Wrap your shit up< – Don’t freeball when you’re hooking up with random women. She could get pregnant or you could get an STD.

9.Never text affair related messages – Be careful when you’re texting her. The messages should seem like nothing more than friendly conversation between 2 adults.

10.Delete texts and voice mails – After each communication with her, delete the message and the call log so your wife can’t find out about her.

11.Keep your wife happy – When you’re home, be a good husband. This will make her less likely to ever suspect anything.

Keep your wife happy

Keep your wife happy

12.Plan ahead – Plan family activities ahead of time, so you’ll always know when you’ll be available for your booty call.

13.Don’t give out your full name until you’ve met her – You never know who someone is online and what their intentions are.

14.Don’t give out your full name until she gives out hers – See #13 for my explanation.

15.Take care of your kids (if you have them)– Being a great father is still the most important part of your life.

Take care of your kids

Take care of your kids

16.Never bring her back to your house – Find somewhere else. You never know when the wifey might suddenly come home unexpectedly.

17.Don’t tell your wife you’re going out with friends – She might check up on your or call one of your friends to see if you’re there.

18.Don’t take her places you frequent-size: small;”> – Take your booty call somewhere you don’t go and that your friends/family are unlikely to show up at.

19.Take a break if your wife is suspecting something – The worst time to go out and fuck someone on the side is when your wife has been accusing you of cheating.

20.Shower before going home – Women smell of perfume. You can’t go home smelling like that. Take a shower, and then go home.


Top 10 Reasons Most Men on Affair Dating Sites Don’t Ever Get Laid

I don’t consider most of the men on affair dating sites competition. In fact, I hardly even care about the male to female ratio. It’s irrelevant to me. Why? Because most of the dudes on these sites are total clowns. Most of them haven’t a clue what it takes to attract women. And most of the rest don’t know how to get a woman that’s attracted to them into bed. I’ve paid a great deal of attention to what the other guys online are doing. I notice many mistakes they make. Of those mistakes, I’ve narrowed them down to a list of the 10 most costly ones.

1.Being far too perverted. Logic says that on a hookup site, you should whip your cock out and let the ladies see if they like it. And you should go on and on in your profile about your favorite sexual positions and fetishes. Logic is wrong. I’ve had enough success on affair dating sites to know that he who is more mature and confident gets laid.

2.Getting drunk on a first date.This is a big no-no. Take her out for drinks to break the ice, but don’t get drunk. Just have a drink or 2 (nothing too strong). Focus on getting laid instead of getting drunk.

Drunk on a first date

Drunk on a first date

3.Not proofreading your profile. This may surprise you, but women on hookup sites actually do care about how intelligent you are. They find intelligence sexy. No, they don’t find a math nerd sexy. I’m talking about guys that have the intelligence to write a coherent sentence, and don’t misspell every other word.

4.Going after women out of your league. Come on, if you’re a 300-pound, zit faced momma’s boy, what makes you think a perfect-10 is going to want your cock? Be realistic. I’m all for going after women above where I rank physically, but you have to be realistic.

5.Not filtering your search results.The problem might not be your inability to attract women. You might be attracting the wrong women. That is likely the result of you not filtering your search results to include only women you might be interested in.

Attracting the wrong women

Attracting the wrong women

6.Having no cojones You think women aren’t after you. But the real problem is you don’t have the balls to go through with an affair. You’re too afraid of getting caught and it’s affecting the way you interact with women online.

7.Posting a horrible profile photo. Looks do matter, to an extent. The key is to make yourself appear attractive. You do that by uploading nice photos. Wear nice clothes, comb your hair and shave/trim.

 Make yourself appear attractive

Make yourself appear attractive

8.Your Instant Message game is lame. Once you’ve convinced her to chat with you via IM, you need to amuse her. Be a funny guy that’s intelligent. Don’t be boring. And make sure you NEVER end a conversation without setting up a date.

9.You’re not willing to make time for women. I understand the struggles a married man has of finding time for someone else. If you want to get laid, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices.

10.You’re not proving to have anything to offer.You must have something to offer a woman. It might be money, a hot body, or an awesome personality. Most men are unable to prove any of those online.

A Killer Affair Dating Site Profile Example

You’re never getting laid if your profile isn’t high quality. But what is a high quality profile? From my experience, a killer profile is merely a written example of who you are as a person, with an interesting twist. Basically, you should seem like a cool dude that has something to offer a woman (looks, great sense of humor, or be amazing in bed). I am active on 3 affair dating sites (,, and You should be too. The profiles I use are slightly different between the 3 sites. But here is an example of a recent profile summary and description I received great response to…


I’m not going to beat around the bush and tell you I’m some sort of hopeless romantic that enjoys long walks on the beach, cuddling, and thunderstorms. You’re not here to know that about me. I am a happily (mostly) married man that desires a sexual relationship, along with a friendship (I can’t sleep with someone I don’t enjoy being around). I would like to meet a woman that is easy to talk to, has no problem dealing with a smartass (that’s me!), and agrees that this should be a mutual relationship – we both please each other.”

Married man that desires a sexual relationship

Married man that desires a sexual relationship


I may or may not sleep with a woman on the first date. I’d like to get to know you over a couple of drinks to see if we click on both an emotional and physical level. I’m not shallow, but I do need to be attracted to my partner. My description of the perfect affair partner is someone that is married (absolute MUST), is attractive, has a sense of humor, and is intelligent.

 Sleep with a woman on the first date

Sleep with a woman on the first date

Do I seek anything else from you other than sex? Yes, actually I do. Not an emotional relationship, however. But it would be nice if you’re also available to go out for drinks from time to time, maybe catch a ballgame, or watch a movie. I’m not all about sex. My marriage is very boring, although I do love my wife. I need a little spice in my life. I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I could go out to a bar to find that. I want a woman that will stick around for a while. If you do, I promise I’ll give you plenty in return! If you meet have the above qualities, I’d love to hear from you.

In the summary and description, I clearly laid out the following requirements of a killer online dating profile…

  • Interesting
  • Mildly humorous
  • Short description of who I am and what I’m looking for <

    All about sex

    All about sex