20 Important Tips to Avoid Getting Caught

There are a lot of things you must do to avoid your wife finding out about your affair. I have compiled a list of 20 tips to avoid getting caught. This may seem like a long list, but I suggest you do each of these…

1.Never act guilty – Women have a sense for knowing when their man is having an affair.

2.Always have an excuse – If she questions where you’ve been, have an excuse that doesn’t include, “out fucking some skank, what’s it to you?”

3.Get a prepaid debit card – Don’t fund the affair with a bank card. Get a prepaid card and hide it from her. And by “hide it”, I don’t mean in your wallet.

4.Don’t tell anyone – Not even your best friend. You never know when someone will turn on you. Even your closest friends should not be trusted.

5.Use online dating sites – There’s more women to choose from and it’s more discreet than meeting someone out in public.

Use online dating sites
Use online dating sites

6.Only date married women – Single women are clingy. Fuck a chick that gets attached and you’ll be the one getting fucked…but you won’t like it.

7.Don’t become attached – The woman you’re sleeping with will ditch you right away if you do. Plus, remember, you have a wife at home.

8.Wrap your shit up< – Don’t freeball when you’re hooking up with random women. She could get pregnant or you could get an STD.

9.Never text affair related messages – Be careful when you’re texting her. The messages should seem like nothing more than friendly conversation between 2 adults.

10.Delete texts and voice mails – After each communication with her, delete the message and the call log so your wife can’t find out about her.

11.Keep your wife happy – When you’re home, be a good husband. This will make her less likely to ever suspect anything.

Keep your wife happy
Keep your wife happy

12.Plan ahead – Plan family activities ahead of time, so you’ll always know when you’ll be available for your booty call.

13.Don’t give out your full name until you’ve met her – You never know who someone is online and what their intentions are.

14.Don’t give out your full name until she gives out hers – See #13 for my explanation.

15.Take care of your kids (if you have them)– Being a great father is still the most important part of your life.

Take care of your kids
Take care of your kids

16.Never bring her back to your house – Find somewhere else. You never know when the wifey might suddenly come home unexpectedly.

17.Don’t tell your wife you’re going out with friends – She might check up on your or call one of your friends to see if you’re there.

18.Don’t take her places you frequent-size: small;”> – Take your booty call somewhere you don’t go and that your friends/family are unlikely to show up at.

19.Take a break if your wife is suspecting something – The worst time to go out and fuck someone on the side is when your wife has been accusing you of cheating.

20.Shower before going home – Women smell of perfume. You can’t go home smelling like that. Take a shower, and then go home.