5 Tips on What NOT To Do When Having an Affair: The Tiger Woods Principle

A few years back, Tiger Woods had an untarnished reputation. He was the King of golf. And he seemed to be a pretty good dude. Maybe not the greatest person ever, but far from a bad apple. He was married to Elin Nordegren – one of the hottest babes on the planet. Then, one fateful evening, Tiger’s life turned upside down. As it turns out, Tiger enjoys eating pancakes at 1:00 in the morning, and eating the waitress at 2:00 in the morning.

Tiger apparently slept with every attractive woman alive. Even some women that weren’t so easy on the eyes. Women were coming out of everywhere, claiming they had sex with him. In the end, his affairs cost him hundreds of millions of dollars in divorce settlements, custody of his children, and his marriage. It’s a shame Tiger didn’t come across this website before having an affair. Had he done that, he would have known to avoid these 5 common mistakes men ALWAYS make when having an affair…

Tiger apparently slept with every attractive woman alive

Tiger apparently slept with every attractive woman alive

Sleeping with single women

This was Tiger’s biggest mistake. Granted, you’re not Tiger Woods, but the women ratted him out likely because of the publicity. Hey, if I was a chick, you bet your ass I’d brag about fucking Tiger Woods. I’d text all of my friends immediately after he left. Hell, I’m not even gay and I’d probably sleep with the guy! Never do a single woman. She has nothing to lose. Married women have just as much to lose as you do.

Sleeping with single women

Sleeping with single women

Meeting women offline

iger went to restaurants and bars to flirt with women. Bad idea. Meeting women in public is too risky. He should have signed up for AshleyMadison.com or one of the other sites we recommend (AffairsClub.com, MarriedDateLink.com) instead. Women on affair dating sites realize your need for discretion. Plus, it’s the only place to comfortably meet other married people.

Not having a legitimate excuse

When Tiger got caught, he admitted everything. Fuck that! He should have just denied the affairs and discredited the women. It may or may not have worked, but we’ll never know. At least try to come up with an excuse. If it doesn’t work, at least you gave it a shot.

Not pre-screening the women

Tiger walked into a restaurant, spotted a hottie, and decided he was going to fuck her…that night. Sure, it would be nice to be able to just bang every hot skank you see. But you can’t do that. Get to know the women first and make sure they’re not only down to fuck, but are totally cool with keeping it secret. Use your best judgment.

 Fuck her that night

Fuck her that night

Not shutting the women up

When you’re having an affair, you have to make sure the woman keeps her mouth shut. If that means paying her a little money, so be it. Tiger could have paid these women off. Dude is worth hundreds of millions. Even if you screw up and sleep with a single woman, do everything you can (legally) to get her to keep her mouth shut.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Busted By His Wife

The Terminator got terminated! In May of 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife, Maria Shriver split up after Shriver found out about his affair. Much like Tiger Woods a few years prior, Arnold was careless and probably could have used the advice we teach on this website. After being caught, Arnold couldn’t deny it. He just had to face the music and deal with going through a painful divorce.

Hopefully you can learn something from the mistakes Arnold made. Then when you go out and have an affair , you won’t be so careless. All of us cheating men can learn a thing or two from a celebrity such as “The Terminator”. Though we don’t live in the spotlight like Arnold does, the basic strategies he should have used are the same as we advise our readers to use. Arnold made many mistakes, which led to him getting caught. The biggest mistakes he made are listed below…

Complete and utter carelessness

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a public figure for the past 20+ years. People follow him around, trying to get a glimpse of him. Everything he does is out there in the open. For him to have an affair and get away with it, he has to be extra cautious. He simply wasn’t. His arrogance got in the way of him using his head. He thought there was no way he would ever get caught. Oh, how wrong he was!

 For him to have an affair and get away with it, he has to be extra cautious

For him to have an affair and get away with it, he has to be extra cautious

He didn’t wrap up…apparently

Whenever you have sex with another woman, you better use a condom. Better yet, pull out before filling her snatch with your semen. Apparently, Arnold didn’t take my advice. The reason he was caught was because he knocked up his booty call. Then she went to the Press to let the whole world know she was the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby. A DNA test later proved her accusations were true. Had Arnold just wrapped up, he may have never been caught.

 You have sex with another woman

You have sex with another woman

After Arnold was slapped with a DNA test, there really was nothing he could do. What excuse could he have possibly come up with at that point? The proof was in the pudding, as they say. Well, in this case, the proof was in the pussy. Arnold failed to do basically everything we teach married men on this website.

Although we have it easier than a celebrity such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, he still could have learned a thing or two about how to cheat and get away with it before actually going out and doing it. It’s really quite amazing that he hasn’t learned the same tactics we teach our readers. After all, he has an extensive history of mistreating women and having affairs. I guess some people just never learn. When Arnold re-marries (again), he’ll probably cheat on her. And he’ll get caught again. Because that’s what careless men do.

 An extensive history of mistreating women and having affairs

An extensive history of mistreating women and having affairs


Private Investigator List By States in the United States

We thought we’d give you a list of the major PI firms in the United States. So here is a list of folks you should watch out for if you live in these 10 states…

1.New York

City Wide Investigation and Protection (718-273-0033) http://cw-ip.com/
NY Investigation Specialists (888-333-3964) www.nyisonline.com


Ironclad Investigations (888-735-5588) www.ironcladinvestigations.com
Sunrise Investigations (909-420-0204) www.sunrisepi.com


The Milenium Group (561-655-2001) MillenniumGroup2001.com
Florida Private Investigator Services (904-229-6163) http://www.flpiservice.com/
Lord and Hale Investigations (561-361-1681) www.floridaprivateinvestigation.org


Investigation Resource Service (817-732-0593) http://www.pi-spy4u.com
Advantage Investigations (936-346-4285) www.libertycountytexasprivateinvestigators.com
Morris Investigations (281-358-1151) www.morrisinvestigations.com


Buckeye Legal Investigations (614-595-7401) www.ohioprivatedetective.com
Big Brother Investigations, LLC (330-206-6780) www.bigbrotherinvestigations.org


Slevnik Investigations (708-233-0211) www.slevnikpd.com
Biela & Associates Detectives, Ltd (847-428-7780) http://www.bielapi.com


Associated Investigations Group (610-327-1966) www.associatedinvestigations.com
Integrity Detective Agency (717-608-6007) www.integritydetectiveagency.com

8.North Carolina

AA Detective Services, LLC (910-343-9780) aadetectives.com
McGee Investigations (336-345-2660) mcgeeinvestigations.net
Appalachian Detective Agency (828-584-3030) www.ncdetective.com


Asset Control Services, Inc. (248-363-1360) www.acsclaims.com
Legendary Investigations (313-295-6814) http://www.legendaryinvestigations.com


Affordable Investigations (865-919-7544) AFFINV.COM

Around the Clock Investigations (423-948-5178) atcinvestigations.com

How to Tell if She’s an Escort Trying to Scam You

The only part of my job I disliked was reviewing so many shitty affair dating sites. Since there are only 3 legit sites, I was stuck dealing with many unpleasant experiences. I ran into some big-time scams. There were Private Investigators posing as attractive women, waiting to bust married men. And, even worse, there were tons of Escorts that used these hookup sites as a marketing tool.

I came across quite a few Escorts during my online dating journey. At first, I didn’t know how to spot them. They appeared to be just like any other female on the site. But once I encountered more than a handful of Escorts, I started to pick up on the signs they weren’t a regular site member. These are the obvious signs the woman you’re about to meet is going to make you pay to have sex with her…

She appears to have a phony name

She goes by the name “Jewels”. That’s a pretty good indication she’s hiding something. Another possible indication is if her name is something like “Katie Smith”. Sure, it’s possible that’s her real name, but an Escort may potentially come up with a cheesy, unoriginal name to use.

Married woman that’s afraid of getting caught

Married woman that’s afraid of getting caught

She refuses to give any personal information

Sure, it’s possible she’s a married woman that’s afraid of getting caught. But you should never hookup with anyone that isn’t willing to give out their personal information. It’s a fair tradeoff – you tell her who you are and she tells you who she is. That way you both have an equal amount to lose if you were to get caught. Escorts won’t give out their personal information.

She’s willing to meet you at her hous

A married woman wouldn’t ever allow another man to come over to her house. If she offers to meet you at her house, chances are she’s an Escort. Don’t show up because you’re going to have to pay for the fun.

She offers to meet you at her house

She offers to meet you at her house

She tells you to “bring some money”

You may be thinking that “bring some money” means you’re going to have to pay for her drinks and hotel. That’s probably not the case. She is talking about paying to get down her pants. The real women you meet won’t tell you that you have to pay for everything on the first date. It’s implied.

She doesn’t care what you can do for her

Affairs are a 2-way street. You please her, she pleases you. That’s how it works. No woman would cheat on their husband if they didn’t care to be pleased. What would be the point? An Escort is in it to make money. She wants you to get your rocks off and doesn’t particularly care about if you can please her. Her pleasure comes from the money her clients pay her. So if, in your discussions, she doesn’t mention a damn thing about what she wants you to do to her, she’s an Escort.

Affairs are a 2-way street

Affairs are a 2-way street


Who Cheats More? Men or Women?

use for shits and giggles, I decided to do a little research. I wanted to find out who cheats more on their spouse – men or women, and by how much. If you polled 1,000 random people, 99% would likely say men cheat more. Of those 990 people (didn’t even need a calculator to do the math!), I would bet almost all of them would say the percentage of men that cheat is far greater than the percentage of women that cheat.

As you all know, everything you read on the Internet is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (sarcasm). So I had to check a few sources to make sure my information was accurate. The results were more than surprising. In fact, I no longer felt so guilty about having an affair. Heck, my wife is probably doing the same thing! Without further adieu, here are the results of my completely pointless research…

(Please note: because I do not have permission to link to these sources, I’m only including general information about their data)

From a popular Men’s Blog…

  • Women cheat as much as men because they feel unappreciated at home.
  • Married men are more likely to want nothing more than sex from an affair partner, while married women often desire more than just sex from an affair partner.
  • Women that have a history of cheatingwill almost always cheat on their current spouse/boyfriend.

    Married men are more likely to want nothing more than sex from an affair partner

    Married men are more likely to want nothing more than sex from an affair partner

From a Question and Answer Site…

  • Men that responded claim women cheat just as much as men.
  • Women that responded claim men cheat far more than men.
  • I am now dumber for having read their responses!

    Women that responded claim men cheat far more than men

    Women that responded claim men cheat far more than men

From a Certified Relationship Expert (that’s actually an occupation?)…

  • 65% of married men cheat on their spouse at least once during their marriage.
  • 55% of married women cheat on their spouse at least once during their marriage.
  • Men and women cheat for different reasons

    Men and women cheat for different reasons

    Men and women cheat for different reasons

  • Men cheat more than women, but not by much.
  • Men are worse at getting away with cheating than women.
  • Women do a better job of cheating and getting away with it because they are less careless.