The 3 Best First Emails to Send Women That Get a 90% Response Rate

I’m not in favor of copying and pasting emails and sending them to women. Personalizing a message is important. However, I did create 3 emails that work well for me. I left some blanks open so that you can fill them in based on what you read from her profile. That way the message won’t appear to be copied, as it will be personalized. I’ve had nearly a 90% response rate with these emails and I’m sure you will too.

Subject Line: Do you like disgusting, perverted men? Or would you like to meet me?<

Email: I attached a photo. Open it. Then come back to this email message…

Okay, so were you surprised that I sent you a photo of me, dressed nice? I bet you thought it would be another picture of a man’s penis! I’m sure you’ve received enough of those. That’s not my style. I’ll save the viewing of my junk for after we’ve gotten to know each other. Which reminds me…I loved your profile. That line about _______ (pick something she wrote) was hysterical. I’d like to chat with you and see if we click. What’s your IM? I’ll contact you tonight. Peace!

I attached a photo
I attached a photo

Subject Line: Is it me or are all the guys on this site total clowns?

Email: I don’t think I’m the most perfect person in the world. But I did notice the other guys on this site were total d-bags. What’s up with that? I’m not a d-bag. I’m simply a married guy that needs a little something extra in his life. Judging by what I read in your profile, I think we’re more than compatible. We’re both looking for ________ (something in common). Can we chat via IM this evening? I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

 I’m simply a married guy
I’m simply a married guy

Subject Line: Why do you only date white guys?

I am a white guy and I’ve always had a fantasy of hooking up with a woman that is ______ (race/ethnicity). I just wondered if white guys are the only ones you’re attracted to or if you have a similar type of fantasy. Either way, you seem very interesting and attractive. And I’d like to chat with you soon. What’s your IM?

A fantasy of hooking up with a woman
A fantasy of hooking up with a woman

Why These Emails Work So Well

  • Short and to the point
  • Personalized (I mentioned something specifically from their profile
  • Catchy subject line and introduction
  • Mildly humorous (at least by a female’s standards, which is all that matters)
  • Aggressive, confident, and question was asked (a question is necessary because it gives her a reason to respond)