The 5 Best Spots to Have Sex With Your Woman on the

You can’t sleep with your booty call at your house. Well, that is unless you have a death wish. You have to strategically plan your sexual encounters. Location, location, location! There are good places (see below) and there are bad places. Choose a bad place and you’ll either have an unpleasant experience or you will get caught. So read through my list of 5 best hookup spots and choose from this list.

1.A hotel room

The only real downside to a hotel room is the cost. But you can always find a cheap $40 motel (Motel 6, baby!). Hey, as long as the room and bed are clean, who gives a shit about the other stuff? You don’t need a microwave, 42-inch flat screen, or a room with a view. You need a bed, a shower (don’t forget to shower before you go home), and maybe a coffee maker if you want to share a cup of coffee after doing the dirty. If the expense is a problem, you can get her to split the cost with you. If that’s not possible, try one of these options…

Sex With Your Woman in hotel
Sex With Your Woman in hotel

I don’t know what it is, but I love to fuck in the backseat of a car out in the middle of a cornfield. For some reason, it’s a ton of fun and very sexy. It feels adventurous. If you’re too classy to fuck in a car like you’re still in High School, so be it. But I thoroughly enjoy it. Just make sure you’re in a private location with no risk of getting caught.

The backseat of a car  Sex With Your Woman
The backseat of a car Sex With Your Woman

3.At her house

Never allow her to come to your place. But if she’s willing to take on the risk, I say go for it. The worst thing that could happen is her husband comes home and kicks your ass. Oh well, shit happens. Every guy gets their ass kicked at some point in their life! This isn’t the ideal spot, but if she’s confident he won’t be coming home, why not?

4.At your (or her) parents house when they’re out of town

This is a bit risky if you have other siblings that may stop over. If not, there isn’t much risk. If you’re going to try this option, it’s best to go over there at night when it’s dark outside. You don’t need any nosy neighbors questioning why you brought some skank over to your folks house. I wouldn’t suggest fucking in your parents bed, however. That’s kind of creepy, unless you have an incest fetish. And if you do, you’re one sick bastard!

5.In your office (if you’re a boss or self-employed)

If you have keys to an office building, this is a great idea. Just make sure it’s late at night…after the janitor has left. Or, at least slip the janitor a $20 bill to keep his mouth shut. The reason this option works out great is because some women have fantasy to fuck a boss in his office. 

In your office
In your office