How to Create an Affair Profile That’s Appealing, Not Vulgar

Take a look around at all the douchebags on these hookup sites. What do you notice? Lots of photos of naked bodies and profile content begging women to suck their cock. If you think women find this attractive, even on a hookup site, you’re sadly mistaken. Women don’t really want to see pictures of your dick before they get to know you. They want to see your face and learn about who you are as a person. I realize that seems strange considering they’re on a fling site, however…

Women Want to Sleep With a Fantasy…Not a Disgusting Pervert

If you’re going to get into her pants, you must be the fantasy she’s always desired. That fantasy is a married man that’s good in bed, has his act together, and isn’t a dirty pervert. She wants you to make her laugh. Seriously, if you can make a woman laugh (and not at you), she’s going to sleep with you.

When you’re creating your profile, it shouldn’t reflect that of someone seeking a long-term relationship. What I mean by that is you don’t need to write a bunch of bullshit about how you’re a hopeless romantic, enjoy long walks on the beach, and just want someone to cuddle with. However, your profile should also not reflect that of someone who only cares about sex and is very immature.

Intelligence is more important on affair dating sites than you might think. Women are attracted to intelligent, humorous men. They don’t look at a guy and decide based on his looks if they’re going to fuck him. They decide based on the entire package. So follow these specific profile picture and content tips and you’ll be on your way to banging a hot skank in no time…

Profile Picture – What Works and What Doesn’t

Let’s start with what doesn’t work. Basically, anything immature or perverted. You will notice most guys on there have perverted profile pictures, so you might think this is the right way. It’s not. Most of those guys aren’t getting laid or are having to settle for the nasty women. The type of picture you should post is of you smiling, dressed nicely, and in good lighting. Make yourself look as good as possible, even if you weren’t blessed with great genes. Don’t wear a hat, don’t include pictures with your friends, and please keep it in your pants…for now!

Profile Content – What Works and What Doesn’t

As stated above, women are turned on by men that are intelligent and can make them laugh. If you’re rich, you have an even bigger advantage. But having money isn’t necessary, it just helps. As far as what you should write in the summary and description of your profile, talk about your desire to find someone that you can share a pleasurable sex life with.

Let the women know you’re not all about yourself. Mix in a few comments about your interests outside the bedroom, be funny (not cheesy), and do NOT complain about how much your wife sucks in bed. This is already assumed. Why else would you be looking to have an affair? Keep the content funny, upbeat, and avoid silly clichés. Don’t go into detail about certain fetishes you have or specifics about what you’ll do to a woman in the bedroom. Save that for when you get to know her. You are trying to be different than the rest of the guys on the site, which means you’re the mature, funny, and intelligent guy. Not the disgusting pig that can’t write a coherent sentence.