How to Set Up a Meeting for Drinks and Get Her Back to a Hotel

Hopefully, you read through the rest of our guide, which taught you how to attract women online. Now it’s time to move on to the good stuff, and actually get her into bed. First things first – you need to set up a meeting for drinks. This is the best place to meet. Don’t invite her out for dinner. That takes too long and isn’t the type of activity to get her in the mood. When you do go for drinks, don’t get liquored up. Just have a few beers and then get her back to your hotel.

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Set up a meeting during the first conversation

Women on hookup sites don’t want to wait to truly get to know a guy. They’re horny women that aren’t having their sexual desires met at home. They don’t care to know specifics about who you are, what you do for a living, and your favorite childhood memories. This isn’t a relationship dating site. So don’t make her wait forever to meet you. She’ll begin to lose interest quickly.

You have to understand that attractive women are contacted by tons of men. You’re not going to be her only option. In fact, she just might be chatting with another guy (or 2) at the same time she’s chatting with you. The guy that gets the girl is the one that is able to successfully…

  • Build immediate trust with her
  • Show her confidence by asking her out within an hour into the first text/IM conversation
  • Impress her instantly
  • Prove he is available to hookup whenever she wants it

Be aggressive with her. Don’t be perverted when chatting. Make it clear that you’re interested in her, and once she’s been responding positively to your comments, ask her out. Just simply say, “I’m really enjoying this conversation. What do you say we continue this over some drinks tomorrow night?” Trust your instincts on when to ask her out. She’ll show obvious signs of interest. After you’re confident she’s digging you, don’t hesitate to ask her out for drinks.

Going out for drinks is merely a formality. Women won’t feel comfortable meeting a guy that she met online at a hotel room. So you go out for drinks first. However, she’s already decided she’s going to fuck you if she agrees to meet for drinks. She wants your cock! Once you’ve scheduled the date, you’ve done the hard work. Getting her back to your hotel is a piece of cake, however…

There’s still some work left to be done

Although she’s meeting up with you for drinks with the intention of sleeping with you THAT NIGHT, you’re still not guaranteed to get laid. If you show up dressed like a slob, she’ll no longer be attracted to you. If you’re rude, she’s not going anywhere with you. Also, if you pick a bar that’s too loud and crowded, it might annoy her. Choose a lounge that’s quiet and not too busy.

Don’t be a tightwad and pay for her drinks. You should each only have 2 drinks (3 maximum). Never get wasted and don’t spend too much time hanging out at the bar. Set a goal of asking her to come back to your hotel within 45 minutes. Once she’s shown clear interest via body language, suggest you go back to your hotel. Don’t make her wait or she might lose interest. It’s very easy to transition from drink date to hotel room. Like I said, she wants your cock. As long as you don’t show up dressed like a slob or act rude, she’ll be begging for sex within a half hour or so.