Being Frequently Active Online Will Boost You in the Search Results and More Women Will Contact You

When you search for women online, if you see that a user hadn’t logged in during the previous week, would you contact her? Probably not, even if she was gorgeous. It doesn’t make sense to contact someone that’s clearly never active on the site. Okay, now put yourself into the shoes of women on affair dating sites. Let’s say you haven’t logged in for quite some time and have a short profile with little substance. Would you send yourself a message? Hell no!

Being an active member on a hookup site requires more than just logging in each day. You should also complete the following tasks…every day…

  • Updating your profile with fresh content (once a week)
  • Contact someone you haven’t spoken to previously
  • Respond to messages sent by women
  • Chat via Instant Messenger
  • Attempt to schedule dates
  • Upload new photos (once or twice per week, at most)

By not regularly accomplishing all of the above tasks, you’re decreasing your odds of meeting someone. And, therefore, you can pretty much forget about ever getting laid. Respond to messages from women promptly, change-up your profile with new content (this helps shoot your profile up in the search results), upload new photos, and speak to as many women as possible, as often as possible. You can never chat with enough women.

There are additional benefits to being an active member on affair dating sites

If you’re new to online dating, you may not be aware of how user profiles are sorted by other members. Typically, the main search criteria members sort profiles by is based on how recent they logged in. So if you are currently online, your profile will show up near the top. If you haven’t been online for a month, your profile will drop to the bottom.

The reason members sort based on length of time since last log-in is because they don’t want to waste their time trying to chase members that probably won’t ever respond to their message. If you contacted 100 women that hadn’t logged in over the past month, you’d be lucky to receive 1 response.

Now, I do need to clarify something. You shouldn’t bother contacting women just because I told you to contact as many women as possible. Only contact ones that you’re actually interested in. If not, you’ll be wasting your time. So let’s recap these affair tips…

  • Sign into your account daily (or at least 3-4 times per week)
  • Update your profile regularly with fresh content and new photos
  • Contact as many ATTRACTIVE women as possible
  • Communicate with these attractive women on a daily basis

If you do those things, you’re going to meet someone in no time. Good luck, and here’s to you having an amazing sex life!