Text and Instant Message Flirting Tactics that Are Guaranteed to Get Her to Open Up

It’s quite easy to get a woman to open up via Instant Message/text by flirting. All you have to do is be funny and interesting. This will make her feel comfortable and enjoy your conversation. If you can get her to open up via text/IM, getting into her pants becomes simple. The fact of the matter is women have already decided before they meet you whether or not they want to sleep with you. Once you get together, it’s not very hard to convince her to have sex that night. If she was willing to meet you, she wants to have sex. Well, unless you turn out to be a complete douche in person.

Flirting is an art form. A successful flirter will incorporate manymessages to a woman that have the following characteristics…

  • Humorous
  • Non-offensive
  • Original
  • Creative

Teasing in a playful manner is the best way to flirt

Women love being teased as long as you’re not hitting a soft spot. For example, if she’s got a bit of a belly, it’s not a good idea to tell her to lay off the bacon. Tease her about misspelled words she types. But make sure she knows you’re not really an English Nazi. Those types of people are annoying. Another way to tease her is by picking out something goofy from her profile. Let’s say she mentioned that she loves watching a bunch of reality shows. Say something like, “How do you watch Reality TV? Do the clowns on those shows help make you feel better about yourself or something?”

Charming for Dummies : anyone can do this!

Flirting is all about being charming, witty, and smooth. The comments you make need to appear natural and be well timed. If you have a list of flirtacious comments you want to incorporate into a conversation, don’t just blurt them out at random times. Wait for the perfect opportunity or the joke won’t work. Better yet, don’t even have a pre-written list of jokes/comments. Just be yourself and charm the fuck out of her. If you can charm a woman, there’s no way you won’t get laid. So how do you charm her?

  • Make intelligent comments: Women are turned on by intelligent men. No, I’m not suggesting you talk Quantum Physics with her. Just don’t be a complete fucking moron, and respond intelligently to her questions.
  • Make her laugh: You’re not a professional comedian for a reason – you’re not funny enough. So don’t try to be one. Those that try too hard to make a woman laugh usually end up failing. Be yourself and let your true personality shine. I know you’re not as lame as you think you are.
  • Be Interesting:Talk about shit women like to talk about. So, not video games and pooping. Save those discussions for your homeboys. Women like to chat about art, movies, music, and how you can please them in bed.