How to Have an Affair: The Guide
Bulletproof Affair Strategies You MUST Learn So You Don’t Get Caught!

There’s more to having an affair than you probably realize. It’s damn hard to sleep around on your wife and get away with it, unless she’s the type that doesn’t care. Even if your wife doesn’t care who you sleep with (very unlikely), you still need to know where to meet women looking for married men. The affair tips in our guide not only teaches you how to get away with it – you will also learn about the top online dating sites for affair seekers.

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If you don’t follow the advice in our affair guide, you will get caught at some point. It might not be after the first time, or the second, third, forth, or twentieth time. But it will happen. There’s almost no way to avoid getting caught unless you do as we say. We’re not trying to seem arrogant here. That’s not our intentions. We just don’t want you to get caught and we KNOW the strategies we use are bullet proof. Your wife will not find out what naughty things you’ve been doing – guaranteed.

Avoiding Affair Dating Scams: Protect Yourself From Sneaky Private Investigators
Many affair dating sites are used as bait for exposing cheating husbands. Private Investigators pose as attractive women looking to hookup with married men. Learn to spot and avoid these sites quickly!
The Most Common Affair Mistakes: Ignore This Section At Your Own RIsk
These are the most common mistakes men make when having an affair that get them caught. We teach you to build a routine that ensures your affair stays private.
The Most Effective Affair Strategy We’ve Discovered To Meet More Women!
We increased our pipeline of women by 75% by using this sneaky copy/paste tactic!
STEP #1: Why Signing Up For ALL Affair Dating Sites At Once Is Best
There are only a few dating sites you should even consider signing up for. Learn why using a multi-site strategy works to your advantage.
STEP #2: Your Affair Profile: Profile Tips For Creating a Magnetic Profile Women Can’t Resist!
Having a GREAT (and non-vulgar) profile helps you get more responses from women. Learn about what works and what doens’t when creating your profile!
STEP #3: How to Spot the Hot Women That Are More Willing to Meet Up Quickly
Vulnerable women are everywhere on affair websites. Learn to spot these women, because they are the most willing to meet up quickly.
STEP #4: Gaming Affair Sites: How To ALWAYS Show Up On Top Of Search Results Every Day!
Sneaky little tricks that will have you showing up at the top of women’s search results on all affair dating sites.
STEP #5: Examples of Initial Messages that Hook Women 90% of the Time
The first message you send to a woman online will make or break your chances with her. Learn what works and what doesn’t here!
STEP #6: Text and Instant Message Flirting Tactics that Are Guaranteed to Get Her to Open Up QUICKLY!
It’s quite easy to get a woman to open up via Instant Message/text by flirting. All you have to do is be funny and interesting.
STEP #7: When and How to Ask for Her IM or Phone Number
As you know, married people are a bit cautious to give out personal information on an online dating site. Learn about tactics that make that task easier.
STEP #8: How to Set Up a Meeting for Drinks and Get Her Back to a Hotel
First date tactics that help you setup the right mood for extracting her to a hotel. What consistenty worked for us!

Why Getting a Divorce is the Worst Possible Option

Okay, so your sex life sucks and you want to be with someone that puts out regularly and cares about pleasing you. This is a problem many married men face, especially those married for more than 5 years. Your options are to get a divorce and find someone else, have an affair, or just deal with having a crappy sex life. The first option is the worst decision you could ever make for the following reasons…

  • Divorce procedures are way too expensive.
  • The judge will almost always rule in favor of the female when it comes to custody battles, and financial terms.
  • If you have children, separating can have a negative impact on their well-being. Your kids are more important than you, your spouse, or your sex life.

The other poor decision is to just keep doing what you’re doing. Either your sex life lacks excitement or, well…you don’t really have any sex life. We believe that most marriages with lousy sex lives would actually benefit from the unsatisfied spouse having an affair. Sure, by society’s standards, married men are seen as scumbags for cheating. But who cares what society thinks? Besides, no one is even going to know.

Think about it – your lack of a good sex life doesn’t just impact your behavior in the bedroom. It often impacts the entire family outside the bedroom. A man that’s not getting laid is a generally unhappy man. Ask any human psychology expert – they’ll back that statement up. When you’re unhappy, it leads to arguments with the wife and potentially even yelling at your kids. If you go out and find someone to have great sex with, you’ll be in a better mood. And your wife will never know…as long as you take our affair advice.

By the time you’ve read through the guide, you’re going to know how to have an affair without getting caught and which online dating sites are best for meeting women. We’ll show you great ways to prevent her from ever even accusing you of having an affair. She won’t have any reason to think you’re sleeping around when you take our advice.