Avoiding Affair Dating Scams: The BIG TRAP

Many affair dating sites are often used as bait for cheating husbands. Private Investigators pose as attractive women looking to hookup with married men. These investigators aren’t hired specifically by your wife. They’re either hired by the dating site or they work for themselves, scamming men out of money. When they catch you in the act, they give you 2 choices – pay them a large sum of money or they’ll tell your spouse about your attempted affair. Either way, you’re screwed. And not in the way you were hoping to be.

Obvious Signs of Affair Website Scams

Private Investigators control the affair industry. They take over most of the dating sites (about 90%) and are good at what they do. They are very difficult to spot. Most don’t know how. Fortunately, for you, we’ve discovered their tactics and now we’re sharing them with you. Here is a list of signs the person you’re talking to is a Private Investigator…

  • She wants to know way too much personal information about you when chatting online (i.e. first and last name, date of birth, address, spouse’s name, etc). A woman on an affair site knows that you’re seeking a discreet relationship and probably don’t want to divulge too much personal information.
  • Refuses to talk to you on the phone. She may be willing to text you, but will not answer the phone when you call and specifically instructs you to never call her. If she’s married, it may be a sign she’s being cautious. The tell-tale sign is if you’ve planned to meet up and she still refuses to talk to you over the phone prior to your/her arrival. You should run as fast as possible if this happens to you!
  • You’re chatting with a woman on one of the affair dating sites we don’t recommend. There are 3 legit sites (AshleyMadison.com, AffairsClub.com, and MarriedDateLink.com). The other ones are affair dating scams. If you sign-up for one of them, you’re in for a rude awakening.

How to Have an Affair Without Getting Caught

We’ll go more in-depth in other parts of this guide, but we do have a few pointers on not getting caught for you right now. The most important way to avoid getting caught is to always be careful where you’re meeting women, where you’re meeting up with her, where you’re hooking up with her, and how you’re spending money on things associated with the affair (i.e. hotel, drinks).

There are a ton of affair scams out there. Most men are not aware of them. They’ll sign-up for a dating site they don’t know much about and hope for the best. This is careless behavior. You must learn the ins and outs of each affair site and know of any potential affair scams.

You should be able to meet legit women online without worrying about your wife finding out. It disgusts us to have come across Private Investigators trying to ruin our fun. And then to blackmail men by threatening ratting them out if they don’t give them money – that’s just wrong. Stick to the websites we recommend. You won’t have any problems being scammed on those sites. We know because we’re active members on the sites.