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On June 18, 2012
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This has been voted our #1 affairs dating site. It's a branch off from and is worth every penny!

From the moment we signed up for AffairsClub,we loved the site. There were an insane amount of hotties that were easy to get with, and not too many single women (added bonus). In just under 2 months of reviewing AffairsClub, we determined that it is by far the BEST affairs dating website out there.

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We definitely recommend AffairsClub. The main reason we rated this site at the top of the list higher is because our results were slightly higher on it. We achieved great success on AffairsClub.We did. And we are confident you will too. But before you sign-up, read through this review to learn some valuable pointers on how to have the same amount of success that we had.

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#1 Affairs Dating Site: AffairsClub (by Is HIGHLY Recommended!

AffairsClub Members: What to Expect on AffairsClub

Thankfully, we didn’t run into many single women on AffairsClub.That’s one of the main reasons we think so highly of this website. We also didn’t run into any fake profiles, which was quite surprising. Most fling dating sites are filled with fake profiles. There were also no scammers, escorts, or private investigators that we encountered.

The average male member on AffairsClub is a complete douchebag, to put things bluntly. That’s great news for you. That means you’ll have far less competition for the women. All you have to do is charm them like the other men aren’t capable of doing (more on this below).

AffairsClub Our Test Results From The Site

In each of our reviews, we had 3 married men create a profile and contact women – mostly very attractive ones. The ultimate goal was for each guy to hookup with at least 2 women during our time spent on the sites. The results we had from AffairsClub were outstanding. Here are the results…

  • 152 women total were contacted via email
  • 39 women made the first contact with us
  • 109 women responded to our initial email message
  • Of those 109 women, 75 agreed to communicate with us via Instant Messenger
  • 19 of the women we chatted with via IM agreed to meet up with us within 24 hours
  • 13 of the women we chatted with via IM agreed to meet up with us at a later date
  • Of the 32 total dates set-up, we actually showed up for 11 (due to scheduling conflicts, it was impossible to show-up for most of the dates)
  • Of the 11 dates we showed up for, we were able to have sex with 8 women on the first date and on the second date with the remaining 3

How to Game AffairsClub – Tips & Tactics

We are confident that our success on AffairsClub is achievable by anyone willing to take our advice. The following are 3 tactics we used to meet women on AffairsClub.These pointers should be copied and pasted into a word processor and referred to after signing up for AffairsClub.They are THAT important…

Make yourself stand out in a good way. The other dudes on AffairsClub are complete douchebags. These guys don’t have anything going for them. They are too perverted and immature to actually get laid. Be the guy that’s intelligent and prove to the women that you have your shit together and aren’t a total pervert.
Weed out the ugly ducklings. Looks shouldn’t be everything to you, but they should matter some. If you’re not physically attracted to a profile picture, don’t even bother clicking on her profile. You’ll have plenty of attractive women to choose from, so why bother with the unattractive ones?
Write an awesome profile. Profiles are very important on AffairsClub. We received quite a few emails from women interested in us because of our profile.

Using AffairsClub Features to Your Advantage

Part of our success on AffairsClub was due to the great features the site offers. Everything you need from a dating site is included with your AffairsClub membership. This is an easy to use site as well. Even a computer novice will have no problems signing up, creating a profile and communicating with women.

Instant Messaging and emailing are included in the membership fee. A unique feature they offer is voice messaging. You can contact a woman and leave her a sexy message. If she likes what you had to say, she’ll be begging to meet you. If you’re looking for a little fun, check out the live chat feature on AffairsClub. It’s not a great way to meet people unless they happen to live in your area. But it’s good for some free entertainment!

AffairsClub Memberships – Which Plan to Use

AffairsClub is very affordable. It’s far less expensive to pay for a monthly membership to AffairsClub than to go out to a bar and pay for drinks for you and the women you meet. Plus, the women are equally attractive…and easier! Here are the pricing plans…

Silver Membership fees = $29.95 for 1-month or $59.95 for 3-months
Gold Membership fees = $34.95 for 1-month or $69.95 for 3-months

Our Overall AffairsClub Conclusion

You really can’t go wrong with AffairsClub. There are tons of attractive women all over the United States on this site. And, while you’re at it, go ahead and sign-up for our 4th favorite site too – Signing up for a few sites (as opposed to only one) will make it nearly impossible for you to NOT get laid. You’ll have a plethora of options (hot women) to choose from. So don’t limit yourself and don’t be a tightwad. Get out there and get laid by signing up for 1, 2, or 3 of these high-quality affair dating sites today!