Review – Everything You Need to Know About This SCAM Affair Site

scam affair website warning image  The domain name,, is the perfect moniker for this affair dating site. The women on here are attached to more than just their husbands. They’re also attached to cake, bacon double cheeseburgers, and anything else they can stuff into their fat faces. We’ve never seen so many porkers in our lives. The cast members of Biggest Loser look thin compared to these heffers. If you love a little, well, a lot of extra cushion for the pushin’, you’ll be in 7 heaven on And we don’t mean a few extra pounds. These women are a few extra pounds…on top of their already morbidly obese figure.

Immediately upon signing up, we knew we were in for a shitty time. One peek through the member directory made us laugh uncontrollably. The only attractive women were so unbelievably gorgeous that we knew the profiles were fake. Just for shits n giggles, we actually contacted these “women”. And, just as expected, we got messages to come view them on webcam. Wow, shocking! So we figured all that was left were the fatties. Normally, we would just move on to another site. But then we wouldn’t be able to write an accurate review.

So we contacted a bunch of larger women that, after 8 beers, we still wouldn’t want to fuck. We only did this so we could see how many dates we could set-up. These women were total flakes. They had no interest in hooking up because they were too afraid their spouse would catch them. We’re pretty sure the reason their sex life sucks is because their husband is disgusted just looking at them. The thought of seeing a woman on naked would give you nightmares for weeks.

attachedpeople home image screenshot
AttachedPeople is a complete SCAM. DO NOT JOIN! See our list of RECOMMENDED SITES instead of wasting your money on AttachedPeople!