EliteFling.com Review – Everything You Need to Know About This SCAM Affair Site

scam affair website warning image  The first thing you’ll notice about EliteFling.com on their home page is how easy they make it seem to get laid. They claim it’s a simple 3-step process. Create a profile, search members, meet singles. Oh, if everything really was that easy! On EliteFling.com, there’s a lot more to it than what they lead you on to believe. It’s actually very difficult to meet an attractive woman on this site. There are a few good looking women that appear to be real people, but good luck getting them to respond to your messages.

Here’s the main problem we have with this affair dating site – there just aren’t enough active members that are worth talking to. This site would be much better served if they marketed their services better. Plus, it’s hard to tell if they’re trying to attract only the singles crowd or the married, affair seekers. If you’ve read through our affair dating guide, you know how we feel about hooking up with single women – DON’T DO IT!!

We also did encounter a couple of obvious Private Investigators. Fortunately, for us, we know how to spot one (read through our affair dating guide to learn how to spot them). We set up a meeting with one of the obvious Private Investigators as a joke, but never showed up. Then we sent a message to him explaining that we know who they are. They never responded. If you spend enough time on EliteFling.com, you’re bound to run into a PI or 2. So stick to a safer affair dating site such as AffairsClub.com.

elitefling home image screenshot
EliteFling is a complete SCAM. DO NOT JOIN! See our list of RECOMMENDED SITES instead of wasting your money on EliteFling!