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On June 18, 2012
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AshleyMadison (the largest affairs website online) comes in at #2 in our list. It's been around for over 10 years and is still going strong!

We spent a couple of months reviewing We had a great time with this site and met some very attractive women. If you’ve spent any time researching affair dating sites, you’re likely familiar with AshleyMadison. It truly is the largest online affair dating experience. As you will find out from this review, we had plenty of success on AshleyMadison and definitely recommend it to any married man looking to hookup with an attractive woman for a discreet, no-strings attached relationship.
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When it comes to affair dating, is widely known as the largest site to find married men and women. Without a doubt, this is one of the best online spots to get laid with married women. AshleyMadison is a very discreet dating site. And it’s popularity continues to grow. They even attempted to buy a Super Bowl ad in 2012, but the FCC stepped in and prevented that from happening. Needless to say, this dating site is popular, for good reason.

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#2 Affairs Dating Site: AshleyMadison Is HIGHLY Recommended! Members – BORED, HOT MARRIED WOMEN … Lots Of Them!

When you sign-up for AshleyMadison, you’re in for a treat. The women are HOT, HOT, HOT! Yeah, sure, you’ll find the occasional clunker mixed in there, but you’ll find that anywhere. It’s not like anyone is forcing you to contact them, anyway! In most of the cities we checked, it appears that the average percentage of at least cute women is about 65%. You can’t beat that on any type of dating site, let alone the affair dating niche.

Every member on this site is looking for nothing more than a no-strings attached sexual relationship. There are no relationship seekers here. There is a mix of married and single women. As suggested in our affair dating guide, you should avoid the single women (trust us!).

You should be warned that women on AshleyMadison are not looking to waste their time getting to know every little detail about you before meeting. They’re looking for one thing, and one thing only – sex! If you aren’t willing to meet up with them soon after the initial conversation, you’re going to be out of luck. They want sex, and they don’t want to have to wait for it. Our Extensive Test Results – Because We Are Online Dating Nerds …

We spent a little over 4 months on We had 3 staff members working through a myriad of options. The results were far more than we could have ever expected.

In the 2+ months spent on AshleyMadison, we accomplished the following:

  • Sign-up and create a killer profile for each of our 3 staff members (each living in different cities)
  • Scour through the member directory in each city
  • Contact 145 members total (all attractive women)
  • Respond to ALL messages sent to us, even if it was a woman we weren’t interested in
  • Chat via Instant Messenger, Video Chat, and SMS with members that were interested in us

The results were unbelievable. Of the 145 members we contacted out of the blue – by viewing their profile – we received a response from 90 of them. Of those 120 women, we were able to set-up a private conversation (IM/text/etc) with roughly 50 women. Here is how we rated the 50 women we chatted with, in terms of attractiveness (on a scale of 1-10)…

  • 7 were “9’s”
  • 13 were “8’s”
  • 20 were “7’s”
  • 10 were below 7

So, as you can tell, we had no problem attracting high-quality women. Even the women that we rated lower than a 7 were actually very cute. But we have high standards. Most men would have given 10’s to more of the women we encountered.

Our ultimate goal was to set-up as many offline dates as possible and to have sex with those women. The more women you contact, the more you will have sex with. And we knew this going in. Our initial goal was for each of our members to have sex with at least 2 attractive women. To be quite honest, that’s really all we imagined would be possible.

We completely underestimated our abilities and the quality of AshleyMadison. We now laugh at our initial goal. Of the 50 women we had a private conversation with, 19 were willing to meet within 24 hours. 11 were willing to meet up eventually. We did run into a bit of a problem, which was our own fault. We couldn’t actually meet many of these women because we set-up dates with too many at once. It’s difficult to be at 5 bars at the same time! So we had to limit ourselves to 13 total dates. And, yeah, we picked and chose based on how hot they were! Out of the 13 dates we had, we had sex with most of the women on the first night. Basically, our expectations were far exceeded.

How to Game Tips & Tactics – Our Best Kept Secrets For Ashley Madison Dating

As you can tell from our results above, we know a thing or two about how to achieve success on Here are the 3 most important tactics we used to dominate the competition on AshleyMadison …

  • Pay attention to what the other guys on AshleyMadison are doing…and do the exact opposite. The men on this site are barely competition. They couldn’t get laid if they crawled up a chicken’s ass. We used a less perverted, more mature strategy than the other dudes on this site. And it worked perfectly. We even had a few women that told us it was a breath of fresh air to meet a guy that isn’t such a disgusting pig.
  • Contact as many women as you have time for. Even if she’s only kind of cute…contact her. Kind of cute chicks are often great in bed. We aren’t suggesting you just contact anyone. Stay away from the fatties and go for the attractive women. There are plenty of them to contact, and you should send an email to ALL of them.
  • Don’t screw around with the emailing nonsense. Send her an initial email and get her onto a private conversation via IM. Women on this site are looking to fuck and they have no interest in emailing back and forth for weeks before getting laid. The guys that are aggressive on are the ones getting laid.

Using Resources – Stacking The Deck To Your Advantage

AshleyMadison was set-up in a way that greatly benefits its members. Other dating sites are complicated to use. The site is easy to navigate through. Some of our favorite site features that you should take advantage of include the following…

  • AshleyMadison Blog – Want to learn more about how to achieve success on AM? Read their blog. It’s entertaining, insightful, and you’re bound to learn a few tactics that will help you along the way.
  • Instant Messaging – IM is very popular on AM because married people don’t like giving out their cell phone numbers to complete strangers. This is the best way to communicate with a woman and set-up an offline date with her.
  • Private Showcase Keys – You can set aside some private photos that you wish to only share with certain members. All you have to do is give these members a “Key” to view the photos. Memberships – Which Plan to Use? What’s The Cost?

AshleyMadison isn’t the cheapest affairs dating site out there. It does carry a pretty hefty price tag. But … it is the biggest affairs site online. AshleyMadison operates on a credit-basis, meaning you use up credits when you communicate with other members. The more credits you buy upfront, the better the discount you get. It’s that simple.

The small amount of money invested is well worth it. Here is a list of the affordable pricing plans …

We recommend the $249 plan, as it’s the best bang for your buck . Its better to invest the sum upfront to have enough credits to get some solid action. With 1000 credits, you can replicate our method and find dates quickly.

Our Overall Conclusion – Two Thumbs Up!

You’ve seen our results. There really isn’t much more we can say about that you don’t already know. We love this site and think it’s the best place to meet an attractive woman to have sex with. Hopefully, by now, you’ve read through our affair dating guide and picked up on the tips we provided.

Assuming you have, go ahead and get signed up for AshleyMadison right now. If you’ve only skimmed through the guide, that’s fine too. After signing up, you can come back to the guide and learn the strategies we teach.