Review – Everything You Need to Know About This SCAM Affair Site

scam affair website warning image Does anyone really like to cheat? We’re forced to because our wives refuses to put out and/or give us the pleasant sex life we crave. Not one member of our staff actually enjoys having to go out and hookup with random women. We’d prefer having great sex with the wifey, but that’s not happening. So we don’t particularly care for the name of this dating site. However, that’s not what we really dislike about it.

If the site name was the only negative, we’d certainly recommend it. Unfortunately, the name is about the only thing that doesn’t completely suck with this site. It’s a complete SCAM. Everything about is a scam. There are Private Investigators all over the site, posing as hot women. It’s very difficult to know who is and who isn’t a real person. There are also some hookers that use to get “leads”. You have approximately a 1 in 50 chance of meeting a real, married woman that just wants to get laid, and won’t make you pay for it. That’s because most of the women don’t fit into this category. is also a very cheesy dating site. The site features are nothing special and it’s difficult to navigate through the site. You will receive a lot of SPAM messages and have to deal with a shitty Instant Messenger app. Basically, this site offers absolutely nothing to married affair seekers. Don’t waste your time signing up for this joke of a dating site. Spend nearly the same amount of money on,, or You’ll have a more pleasant experience without the risk.

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LikeToCheat is a complete SCAM. DO NOT JOIN! See our list of RECOMMENDED SITES instead of wasting your money on LikeToCheat!