LonelyHousewives.com Review – Everything You Need to Know About This SCAM Affair Site

scam affair website warning image  If we were married to the women on LonelyHousewives.com….actually, scratch that. We wouldn’t marry any of the women on this site even if you held a gun to our heads. We’d rather you just shoot. Our experience on this so-called dating site was as miserable of a time as we’ve had on any dating site. And that says a lot because there are some really shitty affair dating sites out there. This one might be at the bottom of the totem pole. You may or may not run into a Private Investigator on LonelyHousewives.com. If you do, consider yourself lucky. It would be a better experience than meeting the disgusting skanks that are real.

Take a look through the profiles on this site and you’ll be amazed at how many ugly ass women there are. Even the ones that aren’t overweight clearly got smacked in the face with the ugly stick. Though we didn’t encounter any, we’ve also been informed of the many Private Investigators that stakeout men on this site. You have to be careful of them because they takeover many of these affair sites. When you show up to meet someone you think is a female, they’ll be waiting for you with transcripts of your IM/chat logs, forcing you to pay them money in exchange for not ratting you out to your spouse.

The disturbing part about LonelyHousewives.com is we’d almost rather have an Private Investigator show up than one of the actual members. The women are so disgusting, there is absolutely no way any man could get it up for them. Maybe after a case of Natty Lite? We’re not saying looks are everything, but how are you going to have a pleasurable sex life with a butt ugly and/or morbidly obese woman? You may as well just stay home and jackoff. Better yet, why don’t you sign-up for AshleyMadison.com instead?

lonelyhousewives homapage pic
LonelyHousewives is a complete SCAM. DO NOT JOIN! See our list of RECOMMENDED SITES instead of wasting your money on LonelyHouseWives!