Review- Everything You Need to Know About This SCAM Affair Site

scam affair website warning image WARNING – FULL OF PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS! Click here to read the full article by the Sun. Calling a scam is putting it nicely. It’s actually much worse than that. We actually feel sorry for the staff member we forced to investigate this site. He was stuck dealing with snobby fat women that thought they were hot. You know the type – probably hangs out with a lot of hot women and thinks she’s hot by association. There are plenty of these skanks on MartialAffair.

You’re probably wondering what he was doing going after fatties. Well, on MartialAffair there are few alternatives. He sort of just had to take one for the team. In each of our reviews, we’re required to contact as many women as possible and attempt to set-up as many dates as possible. Our reviews are based solely on the amount of dates we are able to set-up with women willing to fuck and the attractiveness of the women. failed in both areas. The women are very sketchy on this site. And, even worse, they’re not much to look at. The attractive women are mostly just a bunch of fake profiles. We couldn’t get any dates set-up with even a fatty. That’s how unreliable this site is. Very few of our messages were ever responded to. And it was a completely miserable experience. Stay far, far (FAR!) away from!

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MaritalAffair is a complete SCAM. DO NOT JOIN! See our list of RECOMMENDED SITES instead of wasting your money on MaritalAffair!