Review: Our #4 Website Pick For Affairs (USA Only)

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1-month for $29.95, 3-months for $16.67 per month, 6-months for $15.00 per month (BEST VALUE!)

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On June 18, 2012
Last modified:August 4, 2021


Married date link is awesome, but only if you're in the USA. Worldwode membership numbers aren't great, but the American members base is fantastic.

MarriedDateLink ranks 4th on our list out of the dozens of affair websites out there. That’s how highly we think of this website. What do we like most about it? That’s easy – if you know what you’re doing, you’ll have no problem meeting someone to hookup with. This is a cool dating site, it’s laid back, and the women are very attractive.

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As you will learn from this review, we strongly recommend you sign-up for, along with and NoStringsAttached (other top ranked affair dating sites). All 3 have many positives. If you sign-up for all 3, you’ll be a force to reckon with. You will have so many women wanting to sleep with you that you won’t even know how to find time for them! That’s the problem we ran into. And it’s a problem we definitely didn’t mind having. But before you get signed up, read through our review to learn everything there is to know about

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#3 Affairs Dating Site: MarriedDateLink Is HIGHLY Recommended! Members – Why This Site Is a GREAT PLACE To Find Affair Partners Quickly

Upon signing up and creating a profile, you’ll come across a large member directory, filled with tons of women in your area. Your immediate reaction will be, “holy shit, there’s a lot of hotties!” That was our reaction too! Of course, we wondered how many of those profiles were fake. After all, many dating sites create a bunch of bogus accounts to attract men.

We do not believe we encountered any fake women on We were pleasantly surprised. As you will read in the following section, we didn’t have much problem setting up dates, so the profiles were obviously real. Another benefit to using this affair dating site is the absence of Private Investigators. We only found 3 sites that weren’t filled with sneaky Private Investigators just waiting to ruin your marriage. This is one of them.

The women you chat with expect one thing from you – to please them. In return, they will do the same. They don’t want you to waste their time chatting for hours upon hours. They want to get to know you a little and then plan to meet up for drinks. – Thorough Test Results Summaries rated 4th best in terms of overall results. AffairsClub came in 1st, NoStringsAttached came in a close 2nd, and this site was just behind that. No other affair dating site was even close to the top 3. We were unable to convince many women on other sites to even meet for drinks.

Like every other site we reviewed, 3 married men created profiles and used our strategies to get laid. We used the same strategies on each site we reviewed. The goal was to simply see how many attractive women we could have sex with. The 3 profiles were created by members residing in 3 different cities throughout the United States. Here are the results they had on over a nearly 2-month period…

  • 128 members were contacted (all attractive)
  • 79 members responded to our emails
  • 39 of those members chatted with us in a Private conversation (Instant Message)
  • 16 of those agreed to meet for drinks
  • 9 of those were willing to have sex on the first date
  • 4 others were willing to have sex at a later date

How to Game Tips & Tactics – No Getting Caught And Building Great Memories

Our success on was due in large part to knowing what types of women to look for and what those women were looking for in a man. In our affair dating guide, we taught you strategies to have an affair and get away with it. For this specific site, we’re now going to inform you about the type of men the attractive women are looking for. Make sure your profile reflects the following type…

Has good hygiene, nice smile, wears nice clothes (check your profile picture to make sure). Is not a total perv. Make very little mention of your sexual desires. Just write basic stuff. We’re not saying you should pose as a hopeless romantic. But you need to be careful how perverted your profile makes you appear to be. Has confidence. Confidence will get far with women on Be yourself and be confident in yourself. Confidence is very sexy to women.

Using Features to Your Advantage

One thing we really love about is this feels like a true dating site. It’s not some cheap, cheesy dating site that has a bunch of annoying ads and 1990’s dating site features. To maximize the level of success you have on, make sure you take advantage of these cool features…

Chat Rooms – Upon logging in, check out the chat rooms. You can read personal bios and view pictures. You might even get lucky and meet someone hot in your area (we did!).
Detailed Searches – Don’t use the basic search feature because you’ll see profiles of women you won’t be interested in. With the detailed search feature, you’re more likely to view the best of the bunch.
Feature Me in the Member Spotlight – Want to have your profile viewed by virtually everyone? Increase your chances of getting laid by putting your profile out in front of all the women on with the “Feature Me in the Member Spotlight” feature. Memberships – Which Plan to Use

The affordable pricing plans on are as follows…

  • 1-month for $29.95
  • 3-months for $16.67 per month
  • 6-months for $15.00 per month (BEST VALUE!)

Our Overall Conclusion

Overall, we enjoyed everything has to offer. We especially enjoyed meeting the women! If you follow the advice we’ve given you in this review and our affair dating guide, there’s no way you won’t get laid if you sign-up for And you won’t have to wait long. The women on there are looking to hookup right away. We found it quite easy to attract women and get them into bed on the first date.