Why Signing Up For ALL Dating Sites At Once Is Best

There are only 4 dating sites you should even consider signing up for – AffairsClub.com, NoStringsAttached.com, AshleyMadison.com and MarriedDateLink.com. These sites are exceptional places for married men to find married women to have sex with. There are enough attractive women in most areas of the United States (and Internationally) for any man to have a realistic shot of getting laid by someone other than a fat chick.

Though we are confident in the quality of each of these sites, we’ve had the most success when using all 3 sites. We initially tried using just AffairsClub.com, and had some success, but as we became more experienced, we learned a few things in the process…

  • Married women can be flakes
  • It’s nice to have options
  • Hooking up with more than 1 woman at a time can increase your chances of having sex whenever you want it

If you’re only using 1 dating site, you’re going to run into a few minor problems. The quality of your online dating experience will be limited. There’s absolutely no way to avoid meeting the occasional woman that will fuck you once and then never speak to you again. She may have felt guilty about cheating on her spouse or become worried she’ll get caught. We also like to have at least a few women that we can count on the have sex with. So when one of the ladies flakes, we’ll have someone else waiting in the wings. Or, if girl #1 isn’t available very often, it’s nice to have a couple of women available.

KEY TO WINNING : Play multiple hands at once.

You might find a great gal on AffairsClub.com. You may even have some awesome sex with her. But that’s going to eventually end. It’s very rare for a married man and a married woman to hookup for long periods of time. After a month or two, for one reason or another, the relationship will cease to exist. It’s bound to happen. Unless you want to go back to your boring, unfulfilled sex life with your wife, you better have someone ready to replace her.

When you’re signed up for just one dating site, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have a large pipeline of attractive women willing to have sex with you. That’s the only real downside of online dating. But if you sign-up for 2-3 dating sites, you’re almost guaranteed to meet plenty of women. Online dating is a numbers game. The more women you contact, the more women you’ll meet.

It’s a numbers game in another way. You can contact every member on one of the sites just so you are putting yourself out there in front of as many women as possible. But only a percentage of the women on any dating site are attractive. It’s like going to a bar to meet women. Sure, you can chat with every woman in the bar, but they’re not all good looking. Some are fat, ugly, or fat and ugly. Now, if you take your game to multiple bars, only contacting the attractive women, you are more likely to end up with digits from more hot chicks than if you only went to one bar. If you sign-up for multiple dating sites and only contact the attractive women, you’ll end up getting to know more than just a few hotties.